Letter from the President

Kurt Johnson, AFS President

Archer Financial Services, Inc. (AFS) was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of ADM Investor Services in 2003 to provide futures execution and clearing services directly to customers and local brokers. Since that time AFS has grown steadily to become one of the largest IBs in the US, and now has a diverse client base of institutional, commercial, professional and retail traders, as well as a skilled team of brokers and a full service trade desk.

This growth has come from our unwavering commitment to support each client’s trading with individualized service, technology tools and market information. Service and integrity are at the forefront of all of our efforts to build long-term client relationships, and we are very proud to have many customers who have been trading with us since the inception of the company.

We look forward to continuing to serve futures traders long into the future and the many opportunities that lie ahead.


Kurt Johnson
President, Archer Financial Services, Inc.

Management Team

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